Cartier begun its long and prestigious history of designer jewelry in 1847 from a humble store in Paris. Today, the Maison is famous for their well-designed watches and fine jewelry collections. Its relationship to diamond is very strong and in its position of leader in the jeweler world, the Maison must choose the best diamonds to make its goods. As we spoke in our article about the diamond’s value, we define its quality by the color, the carat, the clarity and the cut.

What make Cartier’s diamonds so special? How does the Maison justify its high prices?

First, you need to know that every diamond used by Cartier have the GIA certificate. This certification provides an impartial judgment of the characteristics and quality of each diamond. Also, it is valuable for insurance purposes, as it provides a professional, independent evaluation of the diamond. You can find an example of a GIA report below:

Example of a GIA report :
Of course, after purchasing a good using diamonds, you’ll receive this exact type of report. From these reports, Cartier makes a serious evaluation to choose the best diamonds.

As you should know, the color of a diamond is defined on a scale from D to Z. Cartier’s expert naturally favour the standard of sparkles and only diamonds evaluated from D to H are used.


The GIA developed a purity chart, from IF (the clearest) to I3. Cartier only choose the ones certified to be IF to VS1.


Finally,  GIA scaled the quality of the cut of the diamonds from “poor” to “excellent” and Cartier obviously takes the ones rank from “good” to “excellent”.

All these criteria permit Cartier to propose the best products at a high justified price.  

And you, will you find in love with their watches full of diamonds or one of their exceptional jewellery ?

Let’s conclude with our selection for a perfect shiny style:


By François L.

Sources : (images) (images)

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