Diamond’s value

Its characteristics :

  • With a hardness of 10 on the Mohs scale, it is the hardest mineral.
  • No other gemstone returns as much light or sparkles as the diamond. It manages to return up to 100% of the light in the direction from which it came.
  • Only a quarter of all diamonds exploited in the world can be used as ornamental stones. The diamond is thus used primarily in industry and serves for example as a sharpening material for drilling or cutting tools.
  • However, it is fragile because its hardness prevents it from absorbing shocks. Contrary to preconceived ideas, you should avoid hitting it with a hammer because it can break.

How is the value of diamonds defined ?
To estimate the value of a diamond, an expert is based on 4 basics criteria, the famous “4 C”: 

Carat – Color – Clarity – Cut
It is the combination of these 4 criteria that will give the value of the stone.
The fifth C could be Confidence: it is established by the certificate of authenticity.
The standards for cut diamonds are established by laboratories that issue certificates.
However, some diamonds are not certifiable: small diamonds, less than 0.5 carat.

THE COLOR of diamonds :

The color of a diamond is very important in estimating its value. A chemically pure diamond is transparent and colorless.
Outside the category of colored diamonds that are a category in their own right, the more a diamond is white, the more value it has.
The color gradation goes from D for the whites (which are very rare), to Z, as we can see in the picture below.

THE CLARITY/PURITY of diamonds :


pureteThe majority of the diamonds contain birth marks, coming from external elements or shocks, known as inclusions.
In addition to the internal inclusions, it is also possible to observe surface irregularities considered as defects. These two categories of imperfections, internal inclusions and external defects determine the purity of the diamond.


THE CARAT of diamonds :roundcaratThe mass of a diamond is measured in carats, which is equivalent to 0.20 grams. The value of a diamond is exponential with respect to its mass. In other words, a two-carat diamond has a value greater than two diamonds of one carat, since it is considered to be rarer.

THE CUT of diamonds : coupeDiamonds are mostly made in Antwerp (Belgium), Tel Aviv (Israel) and Gujarat (India) by the Jain community.
The degree of beauty of the dispersion (rainbow effect) of the diamond depends, in large part, on the size and polish of the stone. Although naturally the diamonds have their own shards, these can be improved and multiplied by the expert size of a diamond dealer.
Due to its extreme hardness, the diamond can only be craft by another diamond, which is why the size and the polish of the stone are the most important elements.

By Diane D.

Sources :

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