Gold in jewellery

Characteristics :

Gold is a precious metal, one of the most coveted natural richness through the centuries. A symbol of power and beauty that permitted to recognized the social statue of the person.This metal is one of the basis of the jewelry through the years and nowadays.
The purity of the gold is determined by the measurement unit: the carat.
24 carats is the purest state of gold. Nowadays the alloy of the most shaped gold is 750/1000 (18 carats) it means that is made of 75% of gold.


The stamp on the jewelry is here to prove the purity of the metal. It was compulsory depiction in France in 1797.

  • Hippocampus : pure gold 24 carats 99,99%
  • Eagle 1 : 22 carats 91,6%
  • Eagle 2 : 18 carats 75%
  • Eagle 3 : 18 carats 75%
  • Owl 1 : 18 carats 50%
  • Owl 2 : 18 carats 50% S
  • Shell : carats 58,3%
  • Clover : 9 carats 37,5%


In the rough state the gold is too malleable to be used so that why we need to combine with other materials to make it more resistant. So with different combinations we can make different types of gold.

  • Yellow Gold: 75% of pure gold / 12,5% of copper / 12,5% of silver
  • Pink Gold: 75% of pure gold / 19% of rosette copper / 6% of silver
  • Red Gold: 75% of pure gold / 25% of rosette copper
  • Green Gold: 75% of pure gold / 25% of silver
  • White Gold: 75% of pure gold / silver / copper / palladium
  • Blue Gold: 75% of pure gold / 25% of iron


The gold value don’t only depend of the purity. It depends also of all the work made on it and of course the value of the piece of jewelry.

By Robin B.



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