Harry Winston : an avant-gardist jeweler

Harry Winston was founded in New York in 1932 by Harry Winston. Known as “the King of Diamonds”, he notably hold diamonds such as the Jonker, the Hope (diamond that belonged to Louis XIV and Marie-Antoinette later) and the Winston Legacy (he bought the first one in 1935 and the second one in 1949). According to Christie’s, the Winston Legacy Diamond is a “gemstone of absolute perfection.”

Gifted for the art of gemology since he was a kid, he naturally became a jeweler. He thought that it was the gemstone which has to guide the design of the jewels and not the setting, that’s why he was innovative for it (he invented the Cluster technique).

1948 :

In 1948, he met the Windsor’s Duke and Duchess and then the couple bought some of pieces he produced for their private collection. The British Royal family owns the biggest part of the Harry Winston collection.

1950 :

In 1950, the designer presented the Sunflower pattern. Marilyn Monroe sang “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend” in the movie “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” mentioning Harry Winston thus enhancing the image of the creator.

1968 :

In 1968, he cut up the Lesotho Diamond into 18 pieces, whose one of these has been given as an engagement ring by Aristotle Onassis to Jacqueline Kennedy.
In 1978, Harry Winston passed away but in 1989, the first clock making collection is presented. Then the brand launched successfully through the years, some collections such as “Opus”, “New York”, “Lily Cluster” or “Water by Harry Winston”. Harry Winston Inc. is now present worldwide, in Geneva, Paris or in Tokyo. In a very bad financial situation, Harry Winston joined the Swatch Group in 2013.


Harry Winston logo

By Victoria S.


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