Diamonds substitute in Burma

It is with the greatest care that Burma selects the most beautiful qualities of “Oxide de Zirconium”, which it has been present since 1976 under the name of Burmalite.


Each Burmalite has a unique character: a synthetic gem obtained in the laboratory by very elaborate processes.
Burmalite looks like gems of extreme hardness, without impurity and whose intense brilliance exalts cravings in ornaments.

A perfect substitute :

“Oxide de Zirconium” is a technical material with an opaque appearance.
Called CZ (Cubic Zirconia) when it is transparent, it is used to mimic the diamond.

In the pictures below, you can see some examples of jewels made in “Oxide de Zirconium”, which is the best susbtitute of diamonds.

By Marion L. & Diane D.

Sources :



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